Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons and Workshops in San Diego 
Ukulele, Singing and Guitar

What you’ll learn in the LEVEL 1Intro to the Ukulele for Absolute Beginners“:

  • Learn the 4 strings and how to tune them
  • Learn how to hold your ukulele
  • Learn which fingers to use when strumming
  • Learn one finger, two finger and three finger chords
  • Learn how to read a chord chart
  • Learn several strumming patterns
  • Learn a song (or two or three!)

What you’ll learn in the LEVEL 2  ukulele lessons:

  • Rhythmic and more advanced strumming patterns
  • Barre chords
  • Learn individual notes on the ukulele
  • Intro to finger picking
  • How to change your ukulele strings
  • Learn more songs of your choosing!

What you’ll learn in the LEVEL 3 ukulele lessons:

  • Moving chords up the neck
  • Music theory
  • Musical scales
  • Playing chords and melodies together
  • Learn how to read music
  • Finger pick melodies

Private Singing Lessons

Singing feels good to the soul and should be fun!
What we learn in the intro and beginning singing lessons:

  • Breath control
  • Body awareness
  • Body and voice warm-ups
  • Vocal exercises at the piano that extend vocal dynamics and vocal range
  • Learn to carry a tune
  • Correct off-pitch singing
  • Visualization exercises for calming nerves and clearing the mind
  • You can pick your own songs or genres for more singing enjoyment!

Private Lesson Rates:

  • 4 – 30 minute lessons held each week: $125/month
  • 4 – 60 minute lessons held each week: $240/month
  • Single 60 minute lesson: $75

Music lessons are available at our home music studio in University Heights  Close to the 163 and 8 freeways near Balboa Park in San Diego. Located on the second floor that requires walking up and down steep steps. No handicap or elevator access.

Wil Forbis teaches: all levels of CGEA and DGBE ukulele tunings as well as guitar.

Alison Marae teaches: intro, beginning and intermediate levels of CGEA ukulele tuning. She also teaches intro and beginning levels of DGBE ukulele tuning. Alison also offers singing lessons.

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